There are trends & fads in fashion, but style is always unique. Style is what you get when you observe everything coming into and going out of fashion and apply it to what you put onto your body. Your style can be what ever you make it. You never have to choose just one indefinite style either. Fashion is ever changing, and so are you!

My personal style has a unique and ever changing vibe to it that doesn’t particularly always follow the seasons trends. I enjoy wacky statement pieces but also enjoy monochromatic looks. Some days my outfits are inspired by things I’ve seen and other times they are descendent of character types from movies that I enjoy. I thoroughly enjoy exploring many different types of fashion and taking bits and pieces of what I learn to incorporate into my own style and self expression.
There are so many fashions to explore and I can’t wait to learn more as I continue my style journey. Today’s outfit was loosely inspired by Alice in Wonderland and the new Through the looking glass movie that’s coming out. I wore a black and white striped playsuit, paired with fleece lined black tights and platform ankle boots with a black rabbit hoodie I made myself.



Boots: Amazon

Playsuit: Amazon

Tights: Primark

Bunny Hoodie: DIY

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~The Style Astronaut~