Today on a closer look, we are getting to know Cinthy Q and her clothing line of fabulously flowing dresses that make you feel like a rockstar and other great designs at an affordable price.

Meet Cinthya Quezada, her brand name is Cinthy Q, She is a fashion and wardrobe designer, originally from a small town in Guanajuato, Mèxico, she moved to Los Angeles at a young age.

How did you come up with your brand name?

When I was a kid, one of my aunts called me Cinthy—short for Cinthya, but she would pronounce it “Sin Tí” which translates to English as “Without You”. It stuck with me ever since. The Q is from my last name—Quezada. My High School swimming teacher couldn’t pronounce it, so she would call me Q, and from that point on I became Cinthy Q.


When did you start your business?

I officially launched Cinthy Q in the spring of 2015.

How did you get into your field?

Since I was a kid I always knew I was gonna work in fashion. After graduating High School I enrolled in Fashion School. Upon graduating in 2007 with a double degree in Fashion Design and Marketing from the American InterContinental University and the well-known Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, I worked for various fashion houses and prominent designer such as Dolce & Gabbana, MaxMara, and the renowned brand—Chrome Hearts, headquartered in West Hollywood. I landed my first big gig as the head of the wardrobe department at a local Spanish Broadcast Network, “Liberman Broadcasting” , at the young age of 24. It was there that I had the opportunity to re-build the entire wardrobe department, and put my creative and management skills into practice.

What/who inspires you to create?

Loud prints and bold colors. Frida Khalo has been my inspiration for a long time. Not only through her paintings, but her poetry, feelings and love for art.

What is your brands aesthetic?

My aesthetic is very bohemian. I use bold prints, lace, flowy patterns. Having traversed a multitude boundaries in my field, cultural and stylistic I work in a variety of formats and mediums to accomplish my looks.

What is your favorite part of creating your products?

My favorite part is to mix and match prints and textures. I like the unconventional, so finding and exploring different silhouettes is always fun.

What is your favorite/most popular product you have made to date?

I’m getting known for my flowy floral Maxis. I LOVE maxis with tons of fabric, there’s something about walking down the street and seeing and feeling the fabric flowing with the wind, I don’t know why that makes me feel very special.

Fun Fact

When I started my brand I had no budget to pay for models, so I was the model too, I use to live in an apartment on the second floor, and to take photos of the first collection (40 styles) I had to go up and down the stairs to change 40 times to take pictures on my front yard, my neighbors thought I was crazy.


There’s nothing in fashion that hasn’t already been done,  but find your individuality and your inspiration and create something that fulfills your soul and your customers will appreciate that. Try in the process to uplift and help others.

Where do you want to see your brand in 5 years?

I don’t have an specific goal in mind, goals have a time limit and I want Cinthy Q to be limitless. I’m gonna keep focusing on providing my customers the best styles at the best prices. I try to keep everything under $40.00, because I want every college student, every single mother, or low income women to be able to afford a statement piece without having to spend hundreds.

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Instagram: @cinthyq


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