I am excited to bring you a closer look at a brand by the name of Seagypsy Couture! A brand bringing out all the mermaid vibes you could ask for. Enjoy this insider with the girls and their company!

Our shop is called Seagypsy Couture and we are in the business of turning women into goddess!

The Seagypsy Team is currently made up of two girl bosses/soul sisters; Sophie Moran, Founder and Leader Designer, started SGC in 2013 and is the great creative force behind our designs, aesthetic, and vibe! Along with handcrafting every single one of our designs, Sophie also handles our product purchasing, creative direction, product development & fabrication. Jessica Fonseca-Moreira, Director of Operations, handles all our social media, customer service, day-to-day shop management, inventory, shipping & handling, as well as finishing touches on pieces.

How did you come up with your brand name?

Our brand name, Seagypsy Couture, came from our love (borderline obsession) of the underwater world and of course – mermaids! We rebranded from Whythecagedbirdsingz to Seagypsy Couture in Summer of 2015 and really took the time to think of the perfect name to encompass our designs, aesthetic, and overall feel. Although mermaids are a major inspiration for us, we wanted a brand name that encompassed all of the beauty of underwater life as well as the whimsical & fantastical aspects of the universe!

When did you start your business/ How did you get into your field?

Sophie started the company (then Whythecagedbirdsingz) in 2013 after falling in love with all the intricate and beautiful costumes she saw at Ultra. When strategizing outfits for her next festival, TomorrowWorld, she spent many late nights on Pinterest planning out what to wear for each day. During her search, she discovered that no one else had quite the same style/design aesthetic as her and a light bulb went off – she saw an opportunity! The next day, she drove to the mall and returned with a handful of bras, a few jars of glitter, a box of rhinestones, lots of daisies and got to work. She didn’t know who these pieces were for or if anyone would buy them but all she knew is that she wanted to bringing her ideas to life.

What is your favorite part of  creating your products?

Are we allowed to say every part?!? Our designs are super unique, creative and highly detailed. Over the last couple years we’ve refined and expanded our design skillset, put a lot of time into finding higher quality materials with new suppliers, and improved the overall quality and craftsmanship of our pieces. Every piece is hand-made with so much love, thought, creativity, and countless hours of work – it’s impossible to pick a favorite part of the process!

What is your favorite charity to support as a brand and how do you show your support?

Our favorite charity is The Happy Hippie Foundation, created by the amazing Miley Cyrus. Not only are we big Miley fans but we really love and admire what she is doing to support Homeless Youth, Women’s Rights, Education Reform, Social Justice, Mental Health, Environment and LGBTQ community! To learn more about Happy Hippie and how to support their many causes, visit their website: http://www.happyhippies.org/

We are proud Happy Hippies at Seagypsy Couture and have pledged our support by donating to Planned  Parenthood in HH’s honor. We currently have plans in the works to volunteer at elementary schools & after school programs in our local New Orleans community

What/who inspires you to create?

Our look is heavily inspired by all things iridescent, underwater life & creatures, Disney, crystals, fantasy worlds, astrology, nature, and of course – mermaids! One of the biggest things that inspired Sophie to start the company was the transformational power that dressing up provides & this concept of transforming and becoming a character of a new world fuels a lot of our design process. Additionally, the idea of duality in nature and the universe really inspires us as well. We tried to represent this with the seashell yin yang in our logo and also in our design work; we embrace the light and dark, the frilly and strappy, the soft and hard, and are constantly exploring new realms and their opposites in our designs and aesthetic.

What is your favorite/most popular product you have made to date?

One of our most popular designs that we’re really proud of is our line of lotus bras. Sophie sketched out the idea a long time ago and whenever we got spare time between orders, she built the original lotus together bit by bit over the course of 6 months and the reality turned out so much better than we imagined! This is definitely one of our most decadent pieces – each petal is hand cut and has multiple layers of glitter ombre applied before the bra is built up, petal by petal. The gorgeous jeweled body chains that drape beneath the blossoming flowers and the iridescent glass crystals decorating the petals truly put it over the top.

Personally, Sophie loves the orders and pieces that inspire thinking out of the box or learning a new skill… they are the most challenging but ultimately end up being the pieces she’s the most proud of and loves incorporating the new techniques into future designs. These pieces typically come from our cosplay and fitness competition clients, they always have amazing ideas and concepts to bring to life!


For aspiring designers and creators, the best thing you can do is just START! Experience is the best teacher and we’ve learned so much from just starting and creating. With more and more experience it becomes easier to bring the concepts from your head into reality.  Pinterest/Youtube/the Internet are great resources full tips and tricks. If you’re scared to try a technique for a first time, find some cheap bras on clearance and practice on those. There will always be haters but you have to ignore them and focus on the people that love and appreciate the beauty you create!

If you could describe your brand as a planet, colors and textures, how would you describe it?

Great question!! The Seagypsy planet is a gaseous planet (like Jupiter) with swirling pastel colored gases, accented with a denser iridescent gas. Planet Seagypsy has the essence of Venus’ femininity and is inhabited exclusively by fantasy and fairy tale creatures.

If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it consist of?

In regards to festivals/raving, a bodysuit with some kind of embellished belt without a doubt!! Bodysuits give the perfect amount of coverage so you can feel confident about your body while looking cute, dancing, and staying comfy.

In regards to everyday life, SOFT FABRICS ARE EVERYTHING. When we’re working in studio (aka our everyday) comfort is key.Give us the softest leggings you can find and oversized baseball tee and we’ll be happy as clams!

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