It is officially November, which means it is time to start celebrating! Halloween antics last night were so much fun, worth my sore muscles! Check out the rad costume the lovely ladies at Jewels Entertainment had me in last night! I was a Pink Killer Clown, and got to scare loads of college kids at Halloween Mania! 


It’s my birthmonth, which means the fun is not allowed to stop all month! I plan on doing as many fun things as I possibly can this month, so if you have any suggestions on places to go and things to do and see, I would love to hear about them!

Today’s outfit of the day, bringing in November, I kept it simple with an all black ensemble. Black high waisted bell bottoms, with a lace up body suit and a draped jacket to add some dimension. All paired with my YRU platform trainers to give me some height.

Let me see your fall fashion by tagging #styleastronaut on social media!
xxThe Style Astronautxx