This isn’t something I usually broadcast, but this was a pretty neat experience that I thought would be cool to share with you earthlings. My mother has a prosthetic leg, and she had to get her newest one fitted with foam to complete it for daily use. So we took a trip to Hicksville, NY to do just that. Of coarse she picked the weekend of a pretty big storm to do so, the office was a little bit more empty than normal according to the staff.

We had the pleasure of getting a tour of how they make some of the silicone “skin” for the prosthetics. This was something I never really thought about when it came to prosthetics until I saw how many different things they can do in their lab. They use silicone as a base and use pigments in the base silicone to create ski tones, vein colors, freckles and even tattoos. These technicians have the ability to create life like looking skins to apply over any prosthetic body parts so these amputees can have a more real looking prosthetic.

This was fascinating to be able to see all that goes into this process and being able to relate it to things I have done myself. From pouring molds and playing with layers upon layers of liquid latex, it was like a really advanced way of watching theatrical prosthetics being created. After being able to create and watch others create prosthetic for multiple different projects, seeing this lab and how they create things that last, that people use daily, and that change people’s lives, was really eye opening. So thank you for that Sam, you were a great tour guide!

I leave today with a new outlook on creation and a bit sleepy after driving for 8 hours in a snow storm to get home. Be advised, when every media outlet says to stay off the roads at all costs, just stay home and drink tea. The traffic, accidents and tipped trees aren’t worth leaving the house for. Stay safe and warm!


Stay Stylish,

The Style Astronaut