What is business casual these days? I often see it being portrayed as a blazer thrown over a fairly casual outfit, with jeans even. I’ve also seen the combination of a dress paired with heels and a blazer, and even leggings being thrown into the mix with a floaty top. It seems to be a mix up of what business casual actually is, depending on the environment it is meant for.



So today I challenged myself to dress business casual, doing so, I realized I need to bump that part of my wardrobe up to better standards. I wore a crisp white button up, a pair of flared slacks, and a blazer. I added a set of honey comb collar pins and what I realized to be my “most normal” pair of heels. One of these days I’ll get around to culling my wardrobe. For what it’s worth, I felt crisp today. What do you wear at your office for “business casual” attire? Show me on social media by tagging @styleastronaut #styleastronaut.
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