Sometimes when you wear all black, people think comments like that are clever. On the contrary, I enjoy my monochromatic wardrobe just the same. It may be the Monday after Halloween, and the post Halloween blues might be setting in, but only 363 days until next Spooktober!
Until then we have the delicious Thanksgiving coming up and of coarse Christmahanukwanzaakah! And before both of those a few Birthdays, so I guess it’s time to start getting those party outfits ready for the holidays, right? With the colder weather rolling in, it is essential to make sure you are staying warm and fashionable! So today I’m going to talk about some of my go to base pieces for those colder nights!
The first thing I always like to have around when it starts to get cold has to be fleece lined tights and leggings. These are really a life saver for all those dresses that you still want to wear through the fall and beginning of winter. They keep your legs nice and toasty during those chilly mornings and through out those cold office days. I would also suggest wearing them under your pants, for an extra layer of warmth!
Another staple I enjoy bringing around with me everywhere would have to be my black circle scarf. This piece has so many practical uses that can keep you extra warm! When your jacket doesn’t have a hood to keep your ears warm or you forgot your earmuffs, just loop twice and spread one look into a hood! Two or three loops will keep your neck extra cosy, using it open as a cardigan will add that extra layer you didn’t think you needed to bring.
I am also a fan of thigh high socks over tights, leg warmers over boots to keep the weather away from your ankles, and core warmers to slip under your outfits to keep yourself extra toasty! My favorite company to buy cosy thigh high socks is, they also carry quality leg warmers as well. My core warmer was acquired at Uniqlo. It uses the HEATTECH that their layering pieces have to keep you warm and dry.
Today’s OOTD I utilized my fleece lined tights in grey to balance out the rest of my black outfit. An angular wrap dress with an extra strappy crop top under to make it work appropriate, and a draped cardigan. I paired this look with my YRU platform trainers and my draped jacket. Threw my hair into some low buns and secured them with my skeleclips.



Dress: Amazon

Cardigan: Brandy Melville

Shoes: YRU

Fleece Lined Tights: Primark

Let me see your fall fashions! Just @styleastronaut #styleastronaut on social media!
~The Style Astronaut~

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