For you slightly more crafty souls, making gifts for loved ones during the holidays may seem like a more heartfelt effort. Whether you can sew, scrapbook, knit/crochet, paint, sculpt, leatherwork, metalwork, or any other artistic skill for that matter, there is bound to be something you can make for your loved ones this season. Things I like to keep in mind while making gifts for family and friends is practicality, and their personal interests.

This is when all those fun times you’ve had come in handy. As well as all those things they have said they’ve wanted throughout the year that you’ve said “oh, I could totally make that!” For example I you have friends that are very organized, or even into techwear, something as simple as an orbit key or a grid organizer are easy enough to make and very useful.

Home decor is another easy to personalize gift for anyone. From making a special throw blanket, decorative pillow, or some type of wall art. If quilting is your scene, and you can make amazing patchwork quilt to keep your loved one warm during the winter, why not do it? If you want to have something custom printed with photos of your loved ones, check out for an easy and affordable alternative.

Remember that not all holiday presents have to be holiday themed. So keep your loved ones interests and lifestyles in mind. If they start their day with a hot coffee or a special juice every morning, maybe making them customized mugs/Togo cups for them to use year round is a better gift than that muffin tray you were going to buy them. Unless they need a muffin tray, then by all means, give them one of those too!

If your loved one is into more boozy things, you can easily put together a nip bouquet! This can also be done with their favorite candy, or even snacks. All you need is some skewers, some floral foam, some type of vessel, a cup or mason jar would do, and hot glue/tape. Also have some ribbon on stand by to decorate after assembly. Hot Glue/Tape your items to the sticks and stick the sticks into the foam inside the vessel. Once you decide it is a full enough bouquet, decorate as you please, add a tag and gift away!

These are only a few DIY ideas to inspire you this season. If you want more fun ideas, feel free to rummage through Pinterest and YouTube for great tutorials! Show me what you make this holiday season by tagging #styleastronaut @styleastronaut on social media!

The Style Astronaut