I went to the eye doctor today, I haven’t been to the eye doctor in about 14 years maybe more. I walked into the office and filled out the necessary paperwork for new patients and sat to fill out a survey and wait for my name to be called. When I was called I got asked a few questions and was asked to read letters from the chart as usual. She also performed the “follow the light” test, that made me feel like a cat chasing a laser for a brief moment.

I then was put in front of a tabletop machine that gives the doctor/assistant numbers to test your vision further and see if you need glasses. We took those numbers and went back to testing my eyes a bit more. Once we had put my eyes to the test of numbers, it was time to test my eye pressure. This was when the eye drops came into play, the first drops were to numb my eyes, they make my tears come out highlighter yellow and it took me a second, but my eyes felt like that static screen channel on the tv in every horror movie. The assistant then swung what looked like a microscope over to my face and proceeded to examine my eyes further by poking my eyes with said machine. There were lights and objects around and in my eye site for a few moments, it was like experiencing a meteor shower of my very own.

The doctor then came in to confirm something I have known for years, that I am primarily blind in my right eye. My optic nerve is under developed and nothing can be done about it. So when covering my left eye, I see what looks like a white cloud blocking my view. Similar to what it looks like when someone shines a flashlight in your eye and you can just see white fuzzy splotch for a bit, except it doesn’t go away. I still have a bit of peripheral vision, but every time I mention I am blind in my right eye to anyone, their first reaction always makes them look silly as they wave fingers in my face and ask me if I can see it. When both of my eyes are open I can see fine, and it isn’t like I walk around with an eye patch over my good eye .

After I got my eyes dilated and examined by the doctor one last time I was asked a few more questions and was sent on my way. Ends up, for the first time in my life, I am getting a pair of glasses. The prescription is very minor, but they figured it would be better to have them, than not to. ┬áSo the prescription was written out for me and was designated for “safety” which basically means I don’t have to wear them all the time, just when I feel like I need them. So I ventured outside into what looked like the surface of the sun, still having my eyes dilated and having forgotten my sunnies in the car.

I got to my car and immediately put on my heart shaped sunnies and made my way to the nearest optical shop. I chose my frames, got my eyes read one more time and was told that in 2-4 weeks I would have my new glasses. So now I wait, it will definitely be different and interesting for me to have glasses and accommodate to having and wearing them when I feel the need to. So I would say today was successful and productive since I seemed to have put it off for so long. So I bought myself sushi for lunch and then came home to nap away the rest of the dilation.

Thank you for tuning into todays episode of adulating with The Style Astronaut. If you want to see what my frames look like when they come in, follow me on Instagram and Twitter @styleastronaut. Show me how you style your glasses and give me some inspiration, since I am new to the club.


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