┬áToday, let’s talk about the basics of face masks! There are a few different kinds of mask you will find yourself trying out, sheet masks, mud/clay based masks and peel off masks! These three are all used for different functions or treatments rather.

Sheet masks

A type of mask that usually incorporates a cotton material with cut outs for your mouth, nose and eyes. This material is usually infused with a serum of sorts that will nourish your skin while it sits on your face for a 10-30 min
ute time span. These serums are usually formulated for a specific problem, such as acne, moisturizing, radiance, vitality, etc. Once your time is up on your mask, peel it off and discard of the material. Rub the rest of the serum into your face and surrounding areas, and if you have extra in the package, rub it on your hands as well. This allows the serum to work its magic further. If you’d like to give sheet masks a try, I would recommend TonyMoly sheet masks! They have a wide range of options and can be found online and easily shipped straight to your door! Sephora also has a wide range of their own brand of face mask that have coordinating eye packs as well!

Mud vs Clay based masks

Mud masked are usually used as a hydrating mask. They are water based and are often used as a skin-healing treatment. Clay masks are used as a cosmetic drying mask. Best used for people with oily skin and blemish prone skin. Contrary to popular belief, you should not let mud/clay masks dry completely on your face. To remove the masks, place a cloth in warm water, place the cloth over your face to let the water soak into the mask on your face and gently wipe the mud off rather than scrubbing it off like an angry badger.

Peel off masks

These masks are usually for hydrating but also have types that can help you remove blackheads. The hydrating masks are great for removing dead skin and elements that make your skin look dull. They often have ingredients to help your skin rejuvenate. It is advised that if you are using a peek off mask to remove blackheads in trouble areas, to not apply to your whole face and only apply to trouble patches. While other peek off masks may be applied all over the face and treat that way. These mask should stay on for about 30 minutes or whatever it says on the directions.

These are just a few things about your basic face masks to start your exploration for your skin. Each type of mask is made to help treat different skin types. So if you need a hydrating mask, or an acne treatment mask, there are multiple different masked to help you and your skin! Happy masking!

Stay Stylish,

The Style Astronaut