Festival season is upon us and so are all the fun fashion choices that come with it! Weather you are hitting up a local festival or attending a larger scale event across the country, there are a million choices at hand to create your unique festival look! With a few simple steps you can pick and choose your day to night festival garb.

First, you want to choose a theme for your look to make it a bit easier to track down some of your pieces with keywords. For example, shiny, holographic, alien, boho, hippie, tie dye, dark, fairy, strappy and other descriptive terms that you want your look to exude are a great place to start. Once you’ve got your themes and descriptive keywords all squared away, you are going to want to ask yourself a few more questions.

Are you going to be at a camping festival or a one day event? Are you packing for warm or cold weather?or both? Do you have a place for all your things or will you need pocket accessories? Are you traveling with a group? Will you need a group themed totem? All great things to think about when putting together your look!

GoodDaize Hoods

Once you have your theme and know the basics of what you will need, thats when the search begins. Finding the perfect ensambel to dance and play in for that weekend that meets all your needs. Some great places to start your search for your unique bits and bobs are Etsy, Gooddaize, SeaGypsy Couture, Madwag Costume, RebelKitty designs, Unalome designs, Cosmic Unicorns, Michelle Uberreste, Melanoir, Luxemuse, Warrior Within Designs, Alien outfitters, and your local thrift stores just to name a few. Each shop will have a great selection of unique and amazing bits for you to choose from, so get exploring.

RebleKitty Designs Outfit
SeaGypsyCouture Bra

 A few suggestions on essentials would be a form or hydration, most festivals allow you to bring in either an empty water bottle or camel bak and provide filling stations throughout the festival for your use! There are plenty of ways to have your camel bak match your outfit now too, so get as creative as you want. Another staple  would be a pocket belt of some sort to keep your phone, ID and anything else you may need safe and on hand while being essentially hands free. I suggest stocking your packs with snacks and a small first aid kit if the venue allows you to bring them in. Otherwise make sure you have multiple forms of payment to stock up at the food shops inside the festival, gotta keep yourself well fed and hydrated! Another essential I would highly recommend is slipping a nice pair of insoles into your shoes to keep your feet from hating you for the next few days post fest.

Unalome Designs outfit

 While pricing together your look, remember that some pieces might even be multipurpose! Like incorporating a hood that can double as a scarf if the wind picks up or even triple as a make shift bag if you get tired of carrying anything that doesn’t fit in your pack. A cape that may double as a great type of blanket to sit on if your legs get to tired and you don’t want to plant your butt on the beer covered ground. Even nice platformed boots that work great for getting that extra few inches, if your on the shorter side like myself.

So weather you are going to Cochella, EDC, Wild Woods, or Elements, your outfit will be as unique as you are! So get on with the search and start collecting all your pieces to create a look that will dazzle everyone around you. Stay tuned to the blog to a festival makeup trends post coming soon!

Stay Stylist,

The Style Astronaut