Everyday is a new opportunity to find inspiration in something. Anything for that matter, look around you and embrace everything there is to experience. Take those experiences, learn new things, pick out the things that spark your imagination the most. Use them to create as much as you can and engulf yourself in a sea of inspiration. Swim around in it until you get your fill and then dive head first, right back in. 
The more imagination, experience and inspiration you can get your hands on, the more positive you will become. When you surround yourself with things that make you want to do more, you create more chances to do just that. Incorporate people you enjoy being around and it gets that much better. What gets you inspired? 

Today’s outfit is simple, but still incorporates some of my favorite things. Bottom up: triple black Nike Roche Runs, black yoga pants, Star Wars baseball tee, circle scarf & all saints jacket. 
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~The Style Astronaut~