We have all had our share of getting ready in the dark, to having some type of wardrobe malfunction. As much as we try to forget the embarrassment we’ve felt, we have to keep it in the back of our minds for future reference. That checklist of: is anything inside out or backward? Do I have both of the same pair of shoes? What is the weather like today? Do I need a jacket? All useful and valid reminders to yourself.

Now, I often find myself layering my outfits. Not all layers are visible, and some are strictly “safety layers” as I like to think of them. These “safety layers” are things along the lines of, shorts under a flouncy sun dress, just in case of a breeze, a pair of velvet/fleece lined leggings under a patterned pair of leggings on a cold day for extra warmth, a pair of ankle socks under tights to prevent any unnecessary rips or tears. Simple things like this, that are not always thought about, but always come in handy.

You may even wear similar things, such as under shirts, control top tights, or shape wear. All of these are things that keep your insecurities and anxiety about wardrobe malfunction at slightly lower levels. These things may even help you cope with how you see your own body and any displacements you may have about it.

Clothes have a great way of being able to cheer you up, and even make you feel like a completely different person. Along side make-up, you have endless possibilities of different personas and characters. Add in wigs and other accessories and you can be just about anything you want. The amount of options you have to express yourself now a days is virtually endless.

So regardless of your mix matched socks, pattern clashing, and questionable fashion choices, you have universe full of choices to experiment with until you find the style that’s right for you in every way. It may take forever, and you may feel more comfortable rocking a million different styles instead of just one. The world is your runway, so work it!

Stay Stylish,

The Style Astronaut