Today I ventured to the RMV to finally take care of switching my Drivers Licence! So that called for looking decent and forking over a wad of cash to make it happen. The wait was not nearly as long as it used to be back home, so that was nice. I tried to track down more fabric that I needed and had no luck, so it looks like ordering online is my next best bet. Let’s hope that’s the only thing that goes wrong today. 

Tonight some of my great friends are throwing a reunion party for what used to be their weekly party! That means it’s time to play dress up, and dig through all my costumes to find the right one for the occasion. Which means there may be a bonus outfit of the night over on my Instagram. Keep an eye out! Today’s outfit for my RMV journey, consisted of my Blackmilk Clothing black Galaxy reversible skater dress, a marbled grey cardigan from Primark, some fleece lined tights and my trusty YRU platform trainers. 

I also actually did my makeup today! A rose gold eye, with that classic cat eye liner, and my Star Wars lipstick that seems to be the perfect autumn tone. 

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~The Style Astronaut~