Unicorn Snot retails at $10 each https://shop.fctry.com/collections/unicorn-snot

We are all aware of the glitter trend that’s been evolving, from a little accent here and there to full body glitter makeovers. You’ve got many options for festival season or a night out now that you can be the brightest glitter babe in the room no matter where you go. Let’s talk about some of your options!

Placement is important, hair glitter, face glitter, body glitter and even booty glitter now! Depending on your upcoming adventure, your placement is crucial, especially if you want to have your shine last all night. Glitter roots have a fun and flirty vibe that lets you add even more color and shine to your hair style. The go to hair style paired with glitter roots seems to be a center parted set of space buns, french braids or even pigtails. You can even get funky with your part and zig zag it out! The do it yourself way to get your favorite glitter to stick in your hair is mixing it into some hair gel and applying straight to your roots with a dye brush. There are also other options to buy premixed glitter gels, such as unicorn snot that retails at $10, or even Lemonhead that retails from $22-$128.

Lemonhead glitter retails at $22-$128 https://www.getlemonhead.com/shop/ Copyright Brooklyn Allan 2016

Face, body and Booty glitter can be adhered to you in many different ways, from eyelash glue and gel to vaseline. If you are looking to cover large areas, Vaseline is a great way to get your glitter to stick and stay! This is also one of the easier ways to wipe away your glitter at the end of the night with the least amount of skin irritation. For smaller areas on your face with larger types of glitters, you can place a dot of eyelash glue and add the larger glitter chunks as you see fit.

The booty glitter trend is new and ready to make its debut this upcoming festival season. Created by Mia Kennington and the Gypsy shrine, their tutorial shows the models getting a base of body paint around the areas the glitter will then be applied on top of after being mixed with hair gel and hair spray, similar to the way you would apply glitter roots. They would then apply extra glitter on top of the gel layer to fill in the spaces and then use eyelash glue to add extra rhinestones to add even more flare. Follow @thegypsyshrine for some serious glitter and sparkle inspiration!

Mia Kennington @ The Gypsy Shrine

So if your ready to be extra and shine as bright as possible, rock your glitter to your next adventure. Try out different placements like adding some sparkle to your collar bones, up your neck, across your chest, across your cheeks like freckles and even on your belly! Use every shape, size, and color of glitter to get the most out of your look!

Stay Stylish,
The Style Astronaut