Looking for something special to get your mom this year? Heck, it could be your significant others mom, or even your friends mom! If you need some ideas or inspiration, this post is here to help. Start brainstorming, what do moms like? What do moms do for fun?

Does your mom in question enjoy baking/cooking? Maybe get her a kitchen tool she hasn’t already managed to get her hands on. Or even a new apron, custom pot holders, monogrammed tea towels, special cookie cutters, a new cake pan, or even a cast iron pan. Is she a foodie? Maybe get her a sampler box or snacks, foods from other countries, coffees, or teas. There are so many different monthly subscription boxes to chose from. I even heard about a wine of the month club type of subscription box, if she’s more of a wino than a foodie.

Another great idea for moms are something cozy, it is getting cold out after all. A scarf, gloves and hat set never fail to keep you warm during the winter, and if she is more of a homebody, grab her the coziest pajama set you can find. If she already has cozy pajamas, grab her a warm, fluffy house robe, fuzzy socks and cute house slippers!

Does your mom love hot beverages, like coffee, tea, hot chocolate? Get her an awesome mug to use at home or a travel mug and fill it with her favorite beverage, of a gift card to her favorite establishment. I’ve seen some really cute hot chocolate mug sets, the package usually comes with one large or two medium size mugs, and a few samples of different holiday flavored coco mixes, a chocolate dipped peppermint stir stick and even extra chocolate squares in similar flavors to add to your cup! You can even build your own little mug baskets with her favorite flavors or even some nips thrown into the mix, if she wants to spike her morning beverage.

There is always home items that moms always seem to be buying, like candles. Instead of getting her a plain, regular scented candle, why not try getting her a Diamond Candle? Each Diamond Candle comes with a ring inside once you burn it enough! Now how about that for a pleasant surprise? There are also some fun candles you can find that have something inside that reveals itself as it burns. One I saw recently was cat shaped, and had a metal kitty skeleton that exposed itself as it burned and the wax melts.

Last but not least, you can never go wrong making your mom a special at home spa kit. Put together a few bath bombs, or different bath soaks, a bubble bar or lavender scented bubble bath, a moisturizing face mask and a hair treatment! All of these are great go to products for a relaxing spa day at home. Throw in a bottle of champagne or her favorite beverage to unwind with and she will be blissed out and relaxed for the night.

Have more ideas or want to show me what you are getting your mom for Christmas? Tag me on social media @styleastronaut #styleastronaut. Happy holidays!

The Style Astronaut