Hello February! That was quick, it’s like just yesterday it was the first month of the new year and now here we are in February. Golly time flies, and now everyone is thinking about Valentines day and whatever else happens in February. I went to Walgreens today and they already have some of their valentines candy and treats on sale. Isn’t that holiday not for another 2 weeks? Who knows with retail these days honestly, I have already seen St. Patty’s day things on shelves in some stores. Although it is better to be over prepared than unprepared, I suppose.

Speaking of February 14th, Deadpool comes out that day and I am more than stoked to head to the theatre to catch that opening day. The marketing for this movie has been more than amazing, so bravo to the marketing team for stepping up their game and rolling with the feel of the movie itself. I can’t wait to see how this film ends up turing out with all the hype it’s gotten since the trailer was “leaked”.

On the beauty front, I caved and placed another order with Colourpop. I have raved about this brand plenty, and none of it has been sponsored. So with all the things I am waiting on to come in the mail, I will hopefully be bringing you lovlies a decent haul video soon enough. This week I have something a little bit different in store for you, that will let you see into some of the fun I dive into during my free time. I hope you stay tuned and enjoy it on wednesday!

Stay Stylish,

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