If you haven’t noticed, I’m riding the Star Wars hype train real hard. I am probably more excited about Episode XII than I am about my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years combined. That being said, I finally got my hands on some of the Covergirl Star Wars makeup line! 

I managed to get one of the waterproof mascaras, or rather the “Light Side” with the quote “DO OR DO NOT, THERE IS NO TRY” I also managed to get one of the nail polish colors in the shade “Speed of Light” and the lipshade “Dark Purple”. The lip shade has the prettiest iridescent shimmer in it, that I just can’t get enough of. 
So continuing my fangirl hype train antics, today I wore black and red. A red cardigan with an acid wash square tunic shirt and fleece lined leggings. Added my rebel alliance socks and my Doc Marten’s and headed out to start my day.

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~The Style Astronaut~