Somedays I get caught up in small realizations that everyone meets these crisis points in their life. Some have a quarter-life crisis and some experience a mid-life crisis. Let’s be honest, some even crawl through both in a lifetime. I’m currently in my “early twenties” which will soon enough be mid twenties and before I know it, late twenties. What can possibly go wrong, right?
After following the usual precautions, finish high school, go to college, graduate, get a degree, get a job to pay off your debt? Or get multiple jobs rather, and realize that you aren’t utilizing that degree you paid so much for and put so much effort into acquiring. Those are the moments I often look at and really start to think. With the experience I do have in all my odd jobs between graduation and now, how many of them actually benefit the experience I need to utilize that degree?
It’s all really a matter of perspective and how well you can sell yourself as a hirable employee. Look at yourself and ask how many skills you’ve gained out of all those odd jobs. Maybe your social life depleted, and you became what feels like forever unsocial, but that doesn’t mean your people skills didn’t develop in the process.
Today’s outfit kind of makes that rise and grind perspective a little more relatable, with my forever unsocial alien sweatshirt, an angled skort, some lace tights and tall socks with my trusty Doc Martens. Yes, I may have less time to socialize, but it doesn’t mean I’m not gaining anything out of the experience. I try my best to make time for as many things as I can to keep myself moving in the right direction, and to stay happy and healthy.




Skort: Amazon

Tights/socks: Forever 21

Boots: Doc Martens


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