Do you ever feel like after we set our clocks back an hour when Day light savings time ends, that days just feel like they are in a constant buffer? Lagging in real life kind of moments? Or is that just me. The past few days have felt like eternities. 

Sometimes you think coffee or tea will snap you out of it, but your still just loading. This weird feeling almost always happens during these 3 months until day light savings starts up again and gives us back that hour we lost. Time is an odd entity, always moving in what feels like different paces, even if it’s always the same. 

Looking at my outfit of the day and thinking about having eyes everywhere and how cool it would be to watch time progress from different points of view. I paired a simple black button up with my eyeball patterned skirt and some grey leggings. Added a black cardigan and my trusty Doc Marten boots and I was ready as a not so morning person could be on a Tuesday. 


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~The Style Astronaut~

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