This month is sure to be chilly, so better find more ways to keep warm than just turning yourself into a blanket burrito. Today I’m going to talk about one of my favorite cold weather products for the winter! HEATTECH base layers from Uniqlo, when I first moved out to the east coast the first flagship store for Uniqlo has just opened up in New York! A dear friend of mine gifted me a pair of HEATTECH leggings for Christmas and I wore them religiously through the winter.

Uniqlo just recently had a great sale on their HEATTECH line, so of coarse I snagged up a few things for the impending cold. As I’ve mentioned before, over the knee socks are one of my cold weather essentials, so I picked up a set of those. I also picked up a pair of their newer “extra warm HEATTECH leggings” and a v-neck long sleeve from the same line.



On the website and packaging, HEATTECH is described as “Functional HEATTECH innerwear is all you need to stay warm. The moisture-wicking fabric retains heat and also features anti-odor properties to keep you feeling fresh even when you sweat. Camellia oil moisturizer adds comfort for dry skin.” It is also anti-static and stretchy for comfort! I would definitely recommend these base layers for anyone who tends to have trouble retaining heat during the colder months. Show me what keeps you warm by tagging @styleastronaut #styleastronaut on social media!

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**This is not a sponsored post. Any an all opinions and reviews are my own thoughts. I genuinely enjoy these products.**