It is leap year, and this past weekend I took a trip to visit some friends up in Vermont. We headed to Mount Snow to snowboard and ski, I finally got to use my new googles, and boy am I glad I bought those puppies. I took a decently bad spill on a huge ice slab that I didn’t see coming. Had a great time on the trails regardless of the ice chunks and sore muscles. We closed out our snow adventure day with tea time at my friends mom’s house and then headed to their local co-op to grab things to make dinner. I made a very large salad to share and then we added a few proteins to eat along with it. Then some more friends came over and so did some wine.


We followed up our mountain adventures with sunday brunch and mimosas at a great place called The Roadhouse. I snagged the pot roast and mashed potatoes, which was delicious and very filling. We continued our sunday adventure with froyo and adventureing through a cute bead store by the name of Beadnicks, that has a lovely selection of charms, beads, crystals and even some only school toys and games. They even had a skiball machine and a pinball machine in the store.


I also managed to have a friend of mine give me a nice triangular undercut while I was in town, so now i have new hair! I always hated having to deal with all those little stray hairs at the nape of my neck and figured this was a great way to deal with that. I love it! I often catch myself petting my new undercut because its so soft and nice to touch.


I also came home to my Dollar Shave Club first box, my new socks I ordered off of and my kitten being super cuddly. So you will be getting a mini review on my dollar shave club experience so far in the near future. Stay tuned for fun new content and let me know what you want to see more of.

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