Lately I had been feeling severely unmotivated, and like my creatively has been dormant. So to combat that a bit I started making cute winter cloaks for a few friends of mine and myself. And once I feel as though my creativity and motivation are back on par I plan on making a Captain Phasma cosplay. So for now, baby steps. 

I started with the math and working out a pattern for said cloaks. I wanted them to be warm and fuzzy, so I went in knowing they would be lined. I chose my fabrics and started pattern drafting in my head. I then took some measurements and made that pattern a reality. Which in turn made my cloak a reality! So now I have a stunning crushed black velvet, anti pill fleece lined, hooded cloak with a nice silver clasp to keep me cosy as it gets colder. Onto working on some more lovely cloaks for some lovely people. 
Today’s outfit was mostly thrown together because I realized it was below 40 degrees and I really didn’t want to be cold today. So I threw on my fleece lined leggings, my black velvet skater dress, my YRU platform trainers and a big comfy sweater. 

Show me your cold weather outfit choices by tagging @styleastronaut #styleastronaut on social media!
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