Alright, so personally I see and experience this constantly and it is about time to sit down and rant about it. I am going to touch base on the taboo topic of “body shaming”. Now this THING, in reality it is happening to every human being on this planet. The following has been my experience with “body shaming” in the past/present and most likely future.

I, myself, am a 5 foot 4 and a half inch [on a good day] ~120 pound female in her early to mid twenties. I wouldn’t say I am particularly “active” as in I do not run daily or even hit the gym often enough to pretend like I know how to work even a quarter of the equipment. I am however active in the sense that I love to dance, hula hoop and learn new circus related skills, as well as go on hiking adventures and playing in lakes and oceans. I often try and spend any other free time crafting and eating my weight in a multitude of foods.

However, since I am built “small” I often get the comments such as “where does it all go?” “you are going to wake up and your ass is going to be fat one day” “that’s not going to last for long, you better slow down” “how do you eat so much food?” “I could probably snap you like a twig you are so little” “do you ever stop eating” “you’re going to blow up one day” And that is only a few of the obnoxious things I have directly been told over the 24 years I have been alive. So yes, I GET IT I AM A SMALL PERSON, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that how much I eat will correlate into how “FAT” I may or may not one day be. IN FACT, all of those phrases, whether meant as a joke or maliciously is a form of “body shaming”.

My direct family are all built rather small like me, no one in  my family is overweight or has any type of weight issue that they have ever run into besides wanting to voluntarily be more fit when they felt like they needed to be for themselves. NOW, as I mentioned earlier, most people think it is “funny” to make comments like the examples above. To be completely honest, it is not, there is no humor in people poking fun at your for being what you have always been no matter how much you eat. Just like it is not funny to make fun of other people’s appearances that they may or may not have any control over. Weight, size, shape, appearance are all relative to anything and everything that person has, will or is going through.

Soooo, the next time you plan on saying something to or about someone you know or know next to nothing about, THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. There are so many rude things that people can say with or without even realizing that they may be being extremely offensive, all for not thinking before speaking. And honestly, it could be as simple as something that was supposed to come off as a complement that just wasn’t worded correctly and ended up setting someone’s offence meter off the charts. Even the slightest things can trigger someone to take the smallest thing the wrong way. Everyone has their struggles, hardships and past that they may not speak of for any reason, and there is no reason for you or anyone else to make them re-live any unpleasant moment or feel as though they are being belittled in any way.

So whether your friends are tall, small, fat, skinny, square or triangular find something more enticing to talk about besides their appearance and I can almost guarantee that the conversation will be more interesting and less frustrating to any and all parties involved. Don’t go out of your way to put someone down because of their body, when there are so many better things you can do with your time. Go get an ice cream and enjoy the weather!

Stay Stylish,

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