There will always be times in your life where you feel lost, like you don’t know what to do and everything feels like it’s to hard to figure out or to stressful to even think about. That may feel so true at any second, but you have made it this far and are bound to make it farther just by putting your mind to it. Just about every problem has a solution, may it be simple or complex, sometimes sacrifices have to be made and sometimes all it takes is a simple conversation.

The stress of everyday problems can really weigh you down over time if you let them all pile up, try your best to take care of the small stuff as it comes at you. Avoid “sweating the small stuff”, because chances are you could have solved at least 3 “impossible” tasks in that time you were freaking out. Keep in mind to know when to ask for help and actually get the help you do need, when you need it.

We have all had those moments in the middle of taking care of a problem on your own when you just stop and think, I’ve made a terrible mistake. Before you get to that point, think over the situation and make a plan of action to help you get that issue out of the way in the most efficient way possible. This will result in less stress and more problem solving which is always a plus. It may take a million lists to get everything in order, but if that what helps you then do it as much as you need to. Write everything down and then break it down into a priority list, once you get that straight it will be easier to think of things in order rather than feeling scatter brained.

Life was so much easier when you were little and didn’t have to worry about anything. Everyone waited on your every whimper and cry, REALITY CHECK, that is not the case anymore. You are in charge of taking care of all of your own problems. It is up to you to get your life together and not be a mess of a human being, some are lucky enough to have very supportive friends and family and that is always reassuring. It all comes down to you getting things done and accomplishing small goals to get through life step by step, little by little and one problem at a time.

YOU CAN DO IT, I BELIEVE IN YOU AND SO SHOULD YOU! Assess you problems and find the best way to tackle them and you will be in a better place in no time. We all go through times like this and yeah, it sucks, but we somehow manage to get through it. So keep on moving and problem solving, you’ll be out of that problem pool in no time! Stay positive, keep your chin up, keep on swimming, stay afloat and you WILL get through what ever struggle you are facing.


Stay Stylish,

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