Hello March, starting with odd moods and more laundry on my bed. Slowly but surely that wardrobe cull has been moving its way through my clothing. Piece by piece, trash bag by trash bag, getting rid of things that have holes, stains, are too small, or even too big. Items that are rarely worn, or worn to often and look a little over loved. I will eventually make it through all of this crap I’ve collected over time, eventually.

I have a few orders coming in the mail from Makeup geek, and Colourpop. So I will have some swatches coming your way soon enough. I also recently got new soft boxes! So if you want to see how well they work, check out my latest video over on my youtube channel. Planning some fun lookbooks for you all this month as well, so make sure you hit subscribe! I guess this ended up being more of an update post, so I will be back again on Monday with something new for you earthlings.

Stay Stylish,

The Style Astronaut

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