Since I started my new job, I now take the train into the city every morning. This means a prime time to people watch and notice more humans mannerisms that you don’t usually notice. I often find myself using my peripheral vision to do most of my people watching, with that I notice how many people either nap, are plugged into some type of technology or even scrolling through their phones. This is all pretty normal for a 7:30am commute, everyone is still waking up and trying to ignore the fact that they are already on their way to work or the like.

There are an equal amount of business casual attire to streetwear, with a few suit and tie’s thrown in. There is also a decent amount of people in scrubs, myself included, heading to sometype of medical office around this time as well. Now that the weather is nicer, there are sundresses, short sleeves and shorts sprinkled in too, for those with more lenient dress codes and people just heading into the city to enjoy the weather.

I’ve also noticed that the bag to individual ratio is interestingly enough, usually more bags than humans. This being said, it usually correlates with whether they need a change of clothes, are carrying a gym bag, brought lunch, are traveling with luggage, carry their work laptop with them or even have a diaper bag for their child. I often see many backpacks over handbags, men often carry a backpack or a type of side hung or hand carried brief case. Women I often see carrying a plethora of bags, from a back pack, to a tote bag, a lunch bag, and the occasional gym duffle.

Footwear is usually pretty easy to observe, being as its on the floor and everyone is looking at their phones or taking a nap anyway. There is a high percentage of sneakers, running shoes, boots, sandals and flats between women and men. I often see men with loafers, boots, or similar dress shoes as well, which usually correlates with the rest of their attire, I usually assume they work some type of office job or something similar. There are also a surprising number of wedges and heels, which when observing their attire usually correlates as well.

This is also the time of year, now that the weather is nice, that people seem to get injured from, I assume trying something new and failing miserably. This causes an influx of casts, crutches, medical support boots, ace bandages, and a lot of watching out for possible things to trip over to avoid having the same fate. Also a lot of gnarly looking bug bites and sunburns.

I always find it funny when people leave their sunglasses on, while the train goes underground, I see a tiny bit of logic in that, but also is it really that exasperating to take them off and put them back on when your back in the light of day? On the same note of accessories, headphones are high up there, usually plugged into a cellphone, since no one really has MP3 players or even iPods much anymore. There are always a few books and the select tablet or E-reader, someone is always engulfed in something on the train ride to distract themselves from the day ahead. It is crazy knowing how much technology has advanced and realizing how antisocial our whole species has really become over time.

That concludes today’s morning observations with The Style Astronaut.

Stay Stylish,

The Style Astronaut

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