Today on Nep-TUNES we get to meet DJ Venom! Established in 1992 officially as DJ Venom, he is known by a few other names prior to that, “Hopefully they will stay buried” -Venom. He is such a great person to be around and he really loves bringing his music to the masses, by touring all over and playing huge shows, if you get a chance to see him live I highly suggest attending that show!

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What got you into music?

My family always had music playing. Growing up, my dad listened to oldies and punk, my mom listened to disco, my aunt listened to new wave and 80s and my entire neighborhood listened to funk and early hip hop. There were few moments of silence in my youth; it was always filled with beats. As a kid, I always wanted to make music and messed around with casio keyboards and makeshift drum sets with my sister Kim (form the group MATT&KIM). Eventually when I was 16, I bought turntables and started DJing. It’s an addiction that I’ve yet to overcome.

Who is your muse/inspiration?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. I heard a political speech by Fred Hampton and it inspired me to make the track “Revolution”. I saw the movie Mad Max and made the track “End of the World”. I’ll hear songs that trigger something that evolves into a song concept. Might just be a vocal snippet, an odd sounding siren, a lion’s roar, anything! You can’t just go out and look for inspiration, but you have to be ready and open to absorbing it when it comes your way.

What is your go to gig outfit?

I’m a simple guy. My style of clothing hasn’t really changed in 20 years. Black Dickies pants are the norm. Black army hat as well. I started wearing weightlifting gloves and wristbands back in the early days of DJIng becasue I would use them to clean any dust or debris off of records. When I switched to CD, I just didn’t feel comfortable without them. I guess they became my security blanket.

If you could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, what would it be?

¬†From someone who appreciates so many forms of music, that would be a nightmare. I will usually go from listening to Surf Rock for 15 minutes, over to Drum’n’Bass for 15 minutes, over to 80s hip hop. If I absolutely had to pick one, I guess I’d pick oldies from the 50s and 60s. The diversity would keep me engaged the longest. I bet no one saw that coming!

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