Today on Nep-Tunes, we get to meet Kerry Quirk! A New England Local DJ that has been in the game since 2003, she owns and runs The OOZE and spins some really great sets. If you have a chance to catch her at a party, I highly suggest getting there with your dancing shoes on. You can stalk her on all her social media listed below!

Facebook – Kerry Quirk or The OOZE

Twitter/Insta – @KerryDaBrunette


Site –

Keep reading to get to know a bit more about Kerry!

What got you into music?

 I grew up surrounded by people who loved music. My mom, my dad, and stepdad always were going to shows, and cramming my life with different kinds of music. I started making mix CDs for extra cash when I was 12-13 for kids in my neighborhood and that transformed into producing hip-hop tracks, and then DJing.

Who/what is your muse/inspiration?

I truly take a lot of inspiration from those closest to me. I love playing things that make my friends smile and yell and dance to, so I try and sprinkle some of their favorites in here and there. Musically though, I love classic rock, I love Zeppelin, I love disco, I’m a pop punk princess, I live for all the weird underground sub genres, I love grimy warehouse 7am techno sets, oh and of course, Kaskade.

What is your go to gig outfit?

Ugh love this question. I LOVE streetwear. I love collecting rare pieces and clothing from indie brands. I love not telling people where I get my clothes. I love vintage ’70s stuff, anything that might’ve been dragged across the floor at Studio 54. I love sneakers, I love platforms, I want to include in my resume that my employers should just start paying me in YRUs. I love anything loud and obnoxious and disgusting to most fashion conscious people. ’90s Versace. Jeremy Scott x Moschino. I basically just wear t-shirts.

If you could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“Electronic” haha

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