Today on NEP-TUNES we get to know Mike F Davis or as he DJ’s by MFD, Mike has been in the game since early 2015 post graduating from the Mmmmaven DJ program. He is now a resident for Rabbit Revolution and runs Flight617. He spins house [his true love], top 40, 90’s hip hop, hardcore, electro, dubstep, and even weddings if needed! So if you wanna snag his services for your next event, get in touch with MFD.

You can stalk him on his social media below:

What got you into music?

Id say what got me into music was, listening to my older family members and older friends music collections, MTV in the 90s , and since I was a baby I always loved to dance to music

Who/what is your muse/inspiration?

Some of my music inspirations are Claude von Stroke, Bob Marley, and Gang Starr

What is your go to gig outfit?

I don’t have a particular go to outfit, usually go for something thats comfortable, maybe representative,  like a RR t shirt , Boston hat,  and I love Nike , so usually fresh pair of Nike Air Max or Jordans

If you could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, what would it be?

House music for life , easy

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