We have all seen the countless “beauty hacks” all over social media, and I’m sure you have tried a few with out thinking them through. The elmers glue and activated charcoal “face mask” is a popular one that went viral and is actually terrible for your skin, regardless of how many people think it’s working great. Do Not put glue on your face, that is not what it is made for. If you want to try a black peel off mask, buy one formulated for your skin and avoid school glue on your face at all costs. 

The latest “Instagram beauty hack” has to be one of the more questionable ones I’ve seen. People are using the backs of their iPhones as a foundation palette. Now we all know how dirty phones can get and the last thing you want all over your face is all the germs from your phone. We all take precautions, like keeping our brushes clean and making sure our products don’t get contaminated with unwanted bacteria, but this “hack” really just voids out all those efforts.

So think before you try out this silly hack, avoid potential breakouts and keep your products sanitary. It doesn’t matter if you “clean” off your phone before, there are still plenty of bacteria to create a problem. Keep your skin happy, healthy and clean. Don’t use unnecessary and unrelated products to apply your makeup. Always make sure your tools are clean and sanitized to avoid breakouts. Be smart about your skin, you only get one to live with forever!

Stay Stylish,

The Style Astronaut