Today I’m bringing you some swatches of the NYX lip products I have collected recently. I have always been a fan of bold, statement lips and NYX provides me with a plethora of options in that department for an affordable price. So here are some of the lip options I have from a few of their lip lines.

The most tame out of the lot would have to be my Nude Liner and matte lipstick set. The matte rouge a levres shade is called “Sable” MLS29, and the liner is in the shade “natural” SPL810. These give my lips that “better than your natural lip color” look that I really dig for more neutral toned makeup looks. This line is cruelty free.


Next up I have three shades from their “Wicked lippie” line. The fist is a rich, deep blue by the name “Envy” WIL12. Next, a gorgeous gunmetal shade by the name “Cold Hearted” WIL11. Last is a nice bright teal shade that reminds me of the ocean and mermaids, by the name “Scandalous” WIL02. All of these shades have a glossy finish with a shine from some slight glitter in the product itself. This line is cruelty free.


Next are the “Liquid Suede cream lipstick” in the colors “Stone Fox”LSCL01, which is a soft, velvety cool grey tone, and “Cherry Skies” LSCL03, which is a beautiful rich red. The packaging has a really cute gem on the top of the cap and has a cute script type font. This line is also Cruelty Free. These have a matte finish that keeps your lips hydrated if you prime prior to application.


These next two are from the “Macaron Lippie” line. In the shades ” Blue Velvet” MALS04, which is a very vivid, pigmented powder blue, and “Chambord” MALS12, which is a very pigmented black lipstick. This line is also Cruelty Free. These shades have a creamy yet flat finish. Not matte, but not shiny like a gloss.


The last four shades are all from the “Soft Matte Lipcream” line. The shade colors are “Transylvania” SMLC21, which is a gorgeous, dark vampy berry red color. The next is in the shade “Morocco”SMLC22, which is a orangey, coral shade. “Havana” SMLC26 is a lovely vivid purple shade. Last but not least, is the shade “Moscow” SMLC31 that is a deep navy blue color. These have a creamy, matte finish, they are build ableĀ and do have a slight staining effect if you don’t prime your lips prior.


I hope these swatches helped you decided on some new lippies to get your paws on! Make sure to follow me on social media to see how I pair these lipcolors with outfits and looks!


Stay Stylish,

The Style Astronaut