In my time on stage and in front of an audience I’ve picked up a few different fool proof tactics along the way. The following are a few to help you further your journey through the makeup world; side quest, performance war paint!

Stage makeup:
The more makeup, the more visible you will be to people in the audience. In Ancient Greek theatre they would wear masks to portray their characters, so think of it as your applying a mask to play your stage character! If you think you have a decent amount of makeup on, you probably still want to dramatize it a bit more.
Extend your winged liner a little farther, contour a little harder and add a bit more highlight to really make yourself shine like the little diamond you are. Always keep in mind that the lights on any stage will wash you out and make you look ghostly in some cases. Also remember that the farther away the audience is, the less defined your face will look, think of it like trying to spot an ant on your mailbox from inside your house.


Character makeup:
When it comes to playing a character, specifically a roaming type of character that will be eye level with your audience and more up close and personal, you want to look as much like your character as you can manage. Use prosthetics, contacts, wigs, accessories, face and body paint, glitter, ect to create a being unlike yourself. For example, when creating a masked character, it is easy to use that mask to your advantage, otherwise you can create a mask with your makeup. Contour your face and body to make yourself look completely different. Create the illusion that you really are someone else.

->To create sharper lines, use scotch tape passed over the back of your hand so that it does not peel off your base makeup in the process but still creates a sharp line.
->Blending is your friend, when applying full face base makeup, you don’t want it to be obvious how many layers of products you have on, make sure you look seamless.
->When applying glitter to large areas, use thin layers of vaseline or aquaphor.
->When applying precision crystals, use a damp q-tip to pick up the selected crystal and apply a small amount of eyelash glue to the back of the crystal and also a small amount to the spot you are applying it to.
->Use matte liquid lipsticks, if you want a shine then add a highlighter on top of the lipstick once it is dry to avoid any gloss slipping off your lips throughout the night.
->Line your lower waterline with white or champagne colored liner to create the illusion of wide awake eyes.
->Line your upper lash line/upper waterline with brown, black to make your lash line look fuller.
->Use white or champagne to highlight the inner corner of your eye, you can use a highlighter as well.
->When contouring, move your brush in a 3 shape, this will hit the hollows of your temples and the hollows of your cheeks as well as around your jaw line.
->Highlight all the high points of your face, the tip of your nose, cheek bones, cupids bow, and the center of your forehead.


Gogo Makeup:
This is another situation when you want to be exaggerated, throw on a nice full set of false lashes, extreme your wings, give yourself some bold brows and get your contour and highlight on!

->Keep a Gogo bag stocked with all your essentials and back ups of specific items.

->Falsies are your friend! Use clear eyelash glue if your makeup look is light colored, and black eyelash glue if your make up look is on the darker side.

->Coat your natural lashes before and after applying your false lashes to make them blend well.

->Primers,Finishing powders and Setting Sprays are a life saver when you are getting down on the stage, so use them to keep your face in place.
->Keep a few gallon ziplock bags in your Gogo bag to organize on the go.
->Take your favorite lipstick colors and transfer them into pans to put into a magnetic pallete or a small resealable pot for easy travel. This also helps if you have a team and you want to match lip colors, just use disposable lip brushes and you are all set!
->Contour and highlight your chest/cleavage, draw back to back C shapes in the center of your chest, continue to blend, shade and highlight as needed.

->Don’t forget to highlight and contour your collarbones as well.
->Highlight the tips of your shoulders.
->Always use moisturizer and deodorant!
->Use a clear deodorant in any place you know you sweat a lot while dancing, yes that includes underboob and the backs of your knees as well.
->Setting Spray and Mattefying powder and life savers, as well as oil blotting sheets.
->Keep a small microfiber towel in your Gogo bag to catch all that sweat by dabbing it away in between sets.
->Keep a mirror in a neoprene tablet case to avoid breakage, and if it does break it is contained.
->Always keep hairspray and dry shampoo in your go go bag, hair spray has many more than just one use.
Clowning Makeup:
When it comes to white face clowning makeup, I have found a few things that help my face from melting off. Keep in mind that everything should be exaggerated so that your facial expressions are more than visible.

->If the generic clown white face paint isn’t for you, try a creamy white eyeshadow that drys matte, like from Colourpop or even a NYX Jumbo pencil in milk, blended out with a beauty blender and set with a translucent powder or white powder.
->I have found that using a liquid liner for details stays a lot better on top of all the face makeup.
->Use a liquid lipstick in fun colors to add other additional details that will also stay put!


These are just some of the tips and tricks I’ve accumulated! So if you want to see more posts like this let me know!!

Stay Stylish,
The Style Astronaut