Possession by a dark entity

Do you need a quick and easy costume for a last minute party? Grab your favorite outfit and play it up with some face paint on your fingers to look like your slowly getting possessed by something darker than you can handle. I paired a black dress with a dark floral headband and dark makeup to make it a bit more creepy. Some extra black face paint on my fingers that could also be pulled farther up my hands and arms to make you look farther possessed. Adding some dark vein like strokes up your arms and on the neck and face can make for an even creepier vibe. Fun trick to have up your sleeve is rolling your eyes in to the back of your head, but if you cant do that, store bought is fine (white out contacts, that is).

Shot by Katie Brogan Photography

MUA BaelienMUA

Stay Spooky,

The Style Astronaut