Tis the season where most people will cut down their friends lists on social media due to their political beliefs or yours. They will also probably cut out anyone who says anything negative about the holiday season, because “they don’t need that kind of negativity in their life”. We will also see the deflation of friends lists and followers once people start posting blame statements on why our whole country is going to fall apart. Tis the season to be petty I suppose.

The even more disappointing thought is that people can still not accept that not everyone will have the same mind set as they do, not everyone will believe in the same issues and views they hold. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and wether they share it with you or not is also their choice. Some people will even start assuming that since someone hasn’t shared their opinion on a matter that they must not believe what you believe and therefore are the enemy. If everyone continues to think in this state of mind, none of us are safe, it will create the unwanted feeling of tension and hostility that no one needs or wants.

If you want people to hear your opinion no matter their preference then that is your prerogative, if you don’t want people to hear your views that is also your choice. There is no reason to ever have to feel like you need to force your opinion down someones throat or feel like you need to let someone force their opinion upon you. Everyone is entitled to feel as they please and share or not share those feelings.

With that said, here we are in a country that is considered the “land of the free and home of the brave”, but I can not confidently say that that is the case with what I have seen fill up all of my social media channels. This country is more in fear than they have been in years, the possibilities going through everyones heads are boundless at this point. Anything could happen to anyone at anytime, but now many people are feeling more attacked than consoled and that is extremely unsettling. The country itself has come a long way and I hope not to see it crumble into oblivion at the hands of those who believe otherwise.


Stay Safe,

The Style Astronaut