This past Saturday night into the wee hours of sunday morning, my dear friends over at Rabbit Revolution held one of the most immersive after-hours events I have had the pleasure to experience. They transformed an otherwise ordinary and quiet place into a technicolor world of wonder for the night. The event ran from 10pm Saturday til 6am Sunday and the sunrise was greeting guests on the way out. This event sold out with a quickness, so if you are interested in attending the next one, I suggest you hit up their social media outlets and keep and eye out.

The environment was something to be experienced, a saturn reminiscent disco ball hung over head, surrounded by mirrored strings to enhance the effect.  Blacklight hoop sculptured hung from the raffters, and multimedia art lined the walls, from LED hangings to hand drawn charcoal illusions. A large geometric rabbit head greeted you at the door to invite you onto the dance floor and let you fall into a fantasy land all your own. The lighting set the mood for the intimate space to really draw you into the music and art. Emmerse yourself in the projection mapped wall art and mural that depicted a skyline with a special friend in its midst.

The DJ booth, ominously elevated to give the experiencers a better view of the music and passion that exudes from their presence. Every set played set a mood for the room that created a unique experience for everyone that walked in,  whenever they did so. The sound really made for a fully immersive musical experience that you could feel throughout your body. If you would like to check out some of the DJ’s that played the event, I will leave their social media below.

Check them out:

✕ John Barera

Eduard Digii – (Fresh Headz)

Jay K the DJ & Damien Paul – Rabbit Revolution (Jay K the DJ) (DJ Damien Paul)

X AMIGO – Rabbit Revolution (Julian Salvatore x Michael Manc)

DJ Eludis – Rabbit Revolution

X MFD – Rabbit Revolution


This event was such a great experience, here are some photos of some of the art work and the room.

I hope you enjoyed a look inside the underground with Rabbit Revolution.

See you next time.

Stay Stylist,

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