With all the snow that has been falling today, you would imagine that the winter wonderland it created on its way through would be a site to see. It very well is amazing to see every tree covered in more than an inche of snow on every twig and branch. It is also slightly terrifying seeing how many branches and whole trees have fallen due to the overwhelming weight of the amount of snow that collected on them.


Driving around in slushie, partially plowed, still falling snow is more terrifying than driving around pre-storm when everyone is trying to get their bread and milk before the storm hits. The awkward snow piles in the middle of the lanes are always a pain when you switch lanes and end up kicking up a bunch of ice chunks everywhere and hear a really disturbing sound while it’s happening. It’s even worse when other people switch lanes and you get pelted with huge ice chunks on your windshield and cross all your fingers that it didn’t crack or leave a scratch from all the asphault bits that are stuck in those ice chunks.

Post storm is usually a bit better, once the snow stops and the roads are completely plowed. Driving through snow bank lanes and seeing all the snow covered trees and the choice untouched snow fields off the side of the highway. You also get to see everyone trying, or not trying to get their cars out of their snowed in driveways and parking spots.


Tonight was was one of those nights where timing was everything and the snow stopped falling right when it needed to, and the roads were plowed just in time for a fun night of great music and dancing with some of my favorite people. So of coarse I dressed myself up, threw on my party face and ┬ámade my way out to a Fallout Themed hardcore party in the Cambridge area to dance the night away. There is always fun to be had and it’s best to have when it is with good company! So even if you are having a bad day or the weather has you down, there’s always something that will lift your spirits. May it be music, dancing, friends and laughter, there’s always a bright side.


Stay Stylish,

The Style Astronaut

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