Crop top: Romwe

Skirt: Amazon

Thigh highs: H&M

Boots: Amazon

Hood: Mall Kiosk

Collar: Anime Boston


Every girl seems to want to be a “Sexy cat” for Halloween every year. Well I’m putting a spin on the usual kitty costume and throwing it back to some childhood nostalgia with Sailor Moon vibes. That’s right, Luna is coming out to play!
It’s pretty simple to find an all black outfit, so I’m pairing a long sleeve black crop top with a black pleated skirt and some thigh highs with some platform boots. Topping this look off with a black cat hooded scarf and a spiked collar. Can’t forget to draw a moon on your forehead to make this kitty recognizable! Now you are all set to tell Usagi that she needs to turn into Sailor Moon STAT!
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