We’ve all seen them trapped in a glass box or walking an invisible dog, so why not throw on some stripes and take a vow of silence for a day. This costume takes a bit of self control and a good sense of body language. That’s right, we are turning into a Mime today!

I’m pairing some black leggings, this mock collar striped long sleeve dress, and some boots to create the base of my costume. And the rest of the costume calls for a little bit of makeup, so paint your face white and add in a bunch of fun details in black. Some thin eyebrows, a few tears, maybe a diamond on or under one eye or even both! Add a little bit of blush to add a bit of color and a splash of red lipstick. I used Colourpop’s matte white eyeshadow all over my face instead of the usual halloween grease paints, and it worked wonders!

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=The Style Astronaut=



Leggings: H&M

Dress: TJMaxx

Boots: ZooShoo.com