Here’s a costume that is a bit more fantasy for you! Instead of going for the same old fairy or unicorn, today we are going for a more royal vibe, an Elf Queen to be precise! The over all look you want to go for is definitely mythical creature.

Find the prettiest floor length dress you own and throw that sucker on. Glue your ears into place, I used these prosthetics but you can easily shove some nail glue on your ears and squish them until they look elf like enough. [clear tape works too] Pin back the top half of your hair and put a few braids in to make you look especially royal. I put on a nude lipstick, some opalescent highlighter and a brown liner to make my face a little more mythical.

Are you going to become a magical elf queen? Post photos to my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Tag @styleastronaut and #saspooktober #spooktober2k15

=The Style Astronaut=


Dress: Handmade gift

Ears: vp fashion

Shoes: Steve Madden