Bell sleeved dress: shein

Underbust corset: Amazon

Belt: Thrifted

Lace skirt: Forever21

Draped skirt: H&M

Boots: Kohl’s

Necklace: So Good

Tis the season to want to suck some blood! So in honor of the halloween goto look, today I’m bringing you the classic Vampire look.
Another look that calls for lots of black, but also bell sleeves and draped skirts! So I paired a black bell sleeved dress with my under bust corset, added a belt to create the longer portion of my outfit. Tucked in a lace skirt and a draped skirt into the back and tucked bits into the belt to create some more dimension. I slipped on my knee high black heeled boots, added a large gold statement necklace and a black choker. Popped my teeth into place and applied a vampy dark lip. Ready to go hunt down some humans just in time for dinner!

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=The Style Astronaut=