Another mythical creature, one that can lure you to your death! That’s right, bringing a siren to the table today. A sea creature that is said to lure sailors to their demise.

I paired a metallic blue circle skirt that I made last year with a shell bra I also made! The make was simple, just hot glued some large shells onto a strapless bra and called it a day! I threw on a cream net looking cardigan on over top of the outfit and stuck with being barefoot, because I just got my land legs! I also put some DIY bedazzled starfish into my hair.
The make up for this look really pulls it all together. I took a pair of fishnet tights and pulled them over my head and shoulders and applies blues over top to create a scale effect in my contour areas. As well as the top of my shoulders and my collar bones. Topped it all off with a lot of highlighter to get that glisten.

If you plan on going for the mermaid look, I would love to see! Post on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Tag @styleastronaut and #saspooktober #spooktober2k15

=The Style Astronaut=


Bottom: DIY

Top: DIY

Cardigan: Thrifted

Hair clips: DIY