Shirt: A&F

Overalls: Thrifted

Socks: Party City

Do you remember the little adventurer with the freckles and wacky braids from back in the day? Well, she’s back…from the dead to play for Spooktober! That’s right, Pippi Longstocking is zombified and ready to possibly eat your brains for lunch.

I paired my grey striped shorteralls with a blue plaid flannel and mix and match socks. I grabbed a rainbow striped and a polka dot, but you can grab any pattern or solid color you have on hand. To get those signature wacky braids, I took some pipe cleaners and fed them through my hair as I braided it. Then formed them up into the air just like Pippi.

Then comes the zombie portion of the costume, make up really works wonders! I started with the typical Pippi look, some freckles and a blushed wide eyed child kind of vibe. Then I made some bruises on my legs and made my mouth look ripped off and decayed. I put a bullet hole on my forehead with some scar wax and fake blood and even added some bloody tears coming out of one eye.

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=The Style Astronaut=