Grey crop: H&M

Mesh crop: DIY

Corset: Amazon

Shrug: Forever21

Pants: Thrifted and DIY

Boots: Doc Marten’s


Belts: Thrifted

Gas mask: Army Navy store

Goggles: Amazon

Sending you into a post apocalyptic world, where you have to fight for everything you have and more. Today’s Spooktober look is a warrior, survivor and adventurer of the post apocalyptic realm.

The base of this costume started with a few texture choices, a jersey crop top, a mesh high neck top, a pleather corset and a pair of distressed black jeans. I added my pocket belt and a few extra belts for a layering effect, as well as using one small belt to tether on my gas mask. I threw a scarf around my waist for some more detail and a shrug over my tops for sleeves. Leg warmers and docs for my feet, and a few bandanas on my legs. One glove and some goggles to finish off the look. Don’t forget your war paint, and to dirty yourself up a bit, it is post apocalyptic after all.

Are you going for some post apocalyptic garb this halloween? Post your pictures on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Tag @styleastronaut and #saspooktober #spooktober2k15

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