Every spooky house has a spooky cracked doll that had seen more than its glass eyes can tell. So for today I’m bringing you a simple, creepy, cracked doll look that you can pull together pretty quickly.

I paired a black frilly dress I made with a letterman cardigan. Some thick grey tights and some shoes that remind me of some of the dolls I had when I was little. I put my hair into some braids and started on the part that brings this look together.

The makeup starts by trying to make your skin look as flawless as possible, so I used some concealer and a bit cream to smooth everything out. I made my eyes look bigger my over drawing the under half of them and adding in some lines along the “new bottom lash line” and filling in the gap with white liner. Applied some purple iridescent eyeshadow and added some doll like cat eyeliner. Places blush on the apples of my cheeks and highlighted all my high points.

This is where it gets creepy, take a black liquid liner and start making shapes where you want the holes in your face to be, and fill them in with black. Then start creating crack like lines sprouting from those shapes and have smaller lines sprouting off those. You can highlight or shade around these lines if you want to create more depth. Apply a bit of a pink or red lip color to the center of your lips and use concealer around the edges to creat the look of a smaller lip shape. Once you’ve got all that figured out and set, you are ready to go on some cracked doll adventures of your very own.

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=The Style Astronaut=


Dress: Handmade

Cardigan: Forever 21

Shoes: Modcloth.com

Tights: primark