Dress: Betsey Johnson

Jacket: Betsey Johnson

Shoes: Steve Madden

Mask: Craft Store

Today I bring you a twist on the typical masquerade ensemble. It has a gory spin that makes it perfect for Halloween! You will need a mask, but only as a hair accessory.

I started this look by putting on a corseted Betsy Johnson dress that has a beautiful floral pattern and lace details, with another amazing bustled jacket that also happens to be from Betsey Johnson! Added some chunky Steve Madden heels ansd used a few pins and clips to create a large victory curl and fountain type updo. Added in my mask and tied it into place!

Onto the makeup, which really sets in the spooky factor. So we are basically making it look like where the mask would sit on your face, is still attached to the inside of the mask and got ripped from your face. The rest of your face is still in tack and fabulous for the party. So make a rough outline of where the mask sits and then make up the rest of your face accordingly around that rough outline.

Once your fancy, take some latex and tissue, toilet paper or paper towels and rip some strips to line that rough edge you created before. Lay some latex down and stick the strips half down and then put some latex on the edges again to tack them down more. Let that dry and blend some foundation over the latex and paper shreds, then fill in the rest of that area with fake blood! And you’ve got a torn off mask, time to party!

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=The Style Astronaut=