When you visit the circus, the first character you encounter is usually the ringleader! So today, I introduce, a ringleader that may have played a little to hard with the lions. The show must go on!

I started this look off with a champagne colored bustier, topped with a black and gold corset vest. Added a pair of striped shorts and checkered thigh highs, with lace up platform boots. And don’t forget hit top hat!

Onto the SFX makeup, I created some prosthetics with liquid latex and cotton balls. I took the throat piece and applied it with some more liquid latex around the edges, then when that dried I started blending it into my skin with a foundation. Once it was blended I went in with some reds, purples, browns and blacks to create some bruising and depth. Then I coated it in fake blood, and repeated the process for the cheek gash! As for the rest of my face, I applied a vampy lip, a dark purple eye and some highlighting and contour for the side of my face that wasn’t ripped off.

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=The Style Astronaut=


Shorts: Rainbow

Bustier: H&M

Corset vest: Ren Faire

Thigh highs: Iparty

Boots: zooshoo

Hat: My Roommates