Dress: PLNDR


Shoes: Doc Marten’s

So here is a spooky Halloween classic! Every has a go to zombie outfit, right? No? Just me? Okay well, here’s a look that will make you look infected and undead!

I started with my outfit, I have this “shredded” black dress that I thought would work well for this look. Some skeleton thigh high socks with my Doc Marten’s to complete the outfit. This look is very dependent on the makeup and fake blood!

So just like the ringleader look, I created some prosthetics and attached those with a bit more liquid latex. I also made a few extra wounds straight onto my skin, added depth and applied blood as before. I also added some green/blue large veins with an eyeshadow stick to make me even more infected. To look over all a bit more pale, I dusted myself with baby powder, instead of painting myself white. Ready to eat some brains!

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=The Style Astronaut=