Details: Dress: Styles – Shrug: Forever21 – Cardigan: Brandy Melville – Shoes: Amazon – Scarf: AA

There’s always that looming feeling everyone gets when the inevitable end is mentioned in conversation. So today for Spooktober, I am bringing you something a bit grim, death that is. So gather all your black clothes and come get dark with me.

I paired a long black dress with my long sleeve black shrug and a draped cardigan to create some more layers. I then took my black circle scarf and created a large looming hood to hide in the shadows of your biggest fears. Added my platform buckle boots to add some height to this costume.

Then onto the make up, I sketched out the general shapes of a skull onto my face and filled in the appropriate areas with black and white. Proceeded to add in detail and shadows to the skull makeup, using a reference photo.

Are you going to create a similar look? I would love to see it! Post photos on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Tag @styleastronaut and #saspooktober #spooktober 2k15

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