Shirt: Uniqlo

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Danskin

Boots: Doll House

Hat: Party store or Amazon

Flower & Ribbon: Craft Store

It’s the second of spooktober and our favorite childhood nanny is descending from the skies above! That’s right, Mary Poppins is coming to play during spooktober. Another costume you can get away with taking to work, especially if it so happens to be a rainy day and you have your parrot head umbrella handy.

This is a great costume if you are in a pinch, just pair a crisp white button up with a black circle skirt, some black tights and boots. Throw a red ribbon around your waist and a flower in your bowler hat and you’ve got the makings of the practically perfect nanny herself. Light make up for this look, throw on a pinky nude lip shade and some mascara and you are just about set for a supercalifragilistic adventure.

Some additional accessories are an umbrella and a large bag, resembling her bottomless carpet bag we all know and love, or even a chimney sweep if you can get your hands on one. If it’s chilly, throw on a coat, some white gloves and a striped red scarf and you’ve got another Poppins approved look.

“Anything can happen if you let it.” – Mary Poppins

If you recreate this look, I would love to see it! Post on my Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter! Tag @styleastronaut and hashtag #SAspooktober #spooktober2k15

=The Style Astronaut=